The Reuben

How many reuben sandwiches are too many? 
Let’s find out, shall we?

The Reuben Play

A Sweepstakes where we track reubens all day!

Must be 21+ to participate. Full rules at http://ihor.se/rules

Win $200 cash & a Breville Grill

No purchase necessary. Must be 21+ to Enter. Just upload photos of your Reuben sandwiches , post and tag @ironhorsebrewery and voila, you are entered.

1000 Reuben Sandwiches

Can we track 1000 reuben sandwiches by March 31st?

Some Inspiration from around the world.

It’s The Famous Reuben at Hygrade Deli!
Comment below and tell me your fave spots for sandwiches!
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• R E U B E N • 🤤 open from 11 AM - 4 PM  to satisfy this craving // Order direct on www.BERGSSMOKEDMEAT.com • GrubHub • DoorDash #FattyorLean
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Our Reuben is served on a Poppy Seed 🥨Pretzel 🥯Bagel made FRESH every day just for you😘 #reubensandwich #reubensandwiches #foodheaven
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Post-workout Reuben Sandwich stack . . including a delicious & simple Russian dressing:
3 tbsp mayo
1 tbsp ketchup
1 finely diced gherkin
1 finely diced shallot
1/2 tsp of hot smoked paprika 
Served with hurlyburlyfoods sauerkraut, slices of presidentuk Emmental cheese & of course layers of salt beef between celticbakers Vermont sourdough 🍞 
#reubensandwich #sandwichesofinstagram #sandwichporn #americanfood #sandwichstack #carbrefuel #refuelmeal #instafood #instafoodie #saltbeefsandwich #saltbeef #reubensandwiches #talldadtinykitchen
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Don’t give up on your favorites just because you’re cutting meat and dairy. 
Just lean on everesteats to recreate your favorites void of the meat, dairy, and eggs because ☝️ that’s right - - we’re all plant - based here! 
Fully prepared meals delivered to your doorstep every Tuesday by everesteats . Build more value into your delivery by adding some items from our local brand partners, brochachos_salsa yangyinhealth pittsburghjuice and jqdsalt . 
Order by Wednesday to get delivery the following Tuesday at EverestEats.com
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#ad Let’s talk Reuben sandwiches and take them up a notch because there’s nothing I love more than digging into a tasty sando - welcome the Aloha Reuben, a limited time collab! kingshawaiian toasted sliced bread surrounding corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing and pineapple for more zing & flavor, all the yes!⁠
Get the Aloha Reuben at all wexlersdeli locations & nationwide via GoldBelly through the end of April! #KHSandwichTakeovers #lindseyeatsla #reuben #reubensandwich⁠
868 48
Have a big appetite? Go check out colossalsandwich ! They have an incredible menu and this colossal Reuben is one of many great options. The attention and care to every flavor is truly remarkable! Definitely a great COLOSSAL EXPERIENCE!
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największy wrocławski multitap, w którym miałem ogromną przyjemność pracować lata temu, czyli kontynuacja, wystartował z kuchnią w tych niezbyt sprzyjających okolicznościach.
spodziewałem się dobrego mięcha - ptaszki ćwierkały tu i ówdzie, że jest git, wroclawskiepodrozekulinarne propsował. a jak jest?
pastrami jest kruche, wilgotne, fajnie uwędzone i myślę, że będzie smakowało dobrze w każdej z dostępnych konfiguracji. ja dupnąłem klasycznego reubena, czyli kanapkę z serem szwajcarskim, sosem rosyjskim i wyraźnie słodką kapuchą kiszoną. znany i lubiany zestaw dodatków mogło skasztanić tylko kiepskie mięcho - no nie tym razem 😉
wołowina jest doskonała - aromatyczna, ma dobrą konsystencję, dodatki dobrze się z nią komponują i wszystko, łącznie z frytkami, doskonale znosi dowóz.
z tych, które jadłem dotychczas - pastrami nr1 w mieście i pierwsze,  które mi w jakikolwiek sposób smakowało 🥇
mięsne świry, gdzie szukać konkurencji?
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Det är kanske inte mitt bästa foto men Cafe Pascals Reuben Sandwich är nog en av de bättre i Stockholm och då finns det konkurrens från Lennart och Bror å ena sidan och Schmaltz å andra sidan. Mitt tips är att pröva alla och komma fram till vilken som är din favorit.
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How To Track Reubens (and enter to win)


Of course you are going to want a sixer of Irish Death or Double Rainbow, but besides that. The key ingredients to a good Reuben are: 

  1. Quality Bread
  2. Quality Protein  – check out this recipe or this recipe
  3. Sauerkraut
  4. Thousand Island Dressing
  5. Copious amounts of butter

Don’t know where to start?  We’ve made it super easy for you to get all the ingredients you need at your favorite grocery store.  The shoppable recipe (opens in new page) allows you to add ingredients to your cart and checkout with the grocery store most convenient to you.  

Step 2. TRACK the REUBEN

Track The Reuben

This is where the magic happens. Use the form to upload a photo of your Sandy Work and you'll automatically be entered into the giveaway.

Reuben Tracker
This form will officially track all the reuben sandwiches.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

Step 3. Brag.


We’d love to see your creation out in the world.  Sharing is caring. 


@ironhorsebrewery  @wabeeflove



Also, use this hashtag #reubentracker, because hashtags are cool.